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Covert Knee Pad
Covert Knee pads offer our slimmest, most natural knee protection. With an easy pull-on design, they’re perfect for situations where “Pads Are Required” or when you just want to keep a low profile. PRODUCT DETAILS Pull-on design sleeve with EVA...
KP Pro Knee Pad
With a specially contoured body for maximum protection and comfort without the bulk, KP Pro pads are our top-of-the-line knee pads for skaters who aren’t afraid to push their limits. PRODUCT DETAILS Specially contoured body for maximum protection & comfort...
ExoSkin Knee Pad
Our lightweight, contoured, abrasion-resistant ExoSkin Knee pads are specifically designed to flex and protect the mountain bike and BMX rider. They’re also great for snowboarding and as a low-profile under pant skate pad. PRODUCT DETAILS / IDEAL FOR High density 8-link™...
KP 22 Knee Pad
Designed for those skaters that need more padding, our KP 22 knee pads combine durability, comfort and maximum padding that gets you back up after a fall. PRODUCT DETAILS Heavy duty EVA memory foam High–density, impact-resistant cap securely attached with...
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